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"I love what I do and do what I do with love..."

I am a professional self-taught Website Developer & Digital Marketer I took the chance to start a small business (T-Visuals Digital). During my experience I have created and managed 7 sites using various website development platforms/CMS such as; WordPress, WiX, Parallels ® Builder, Shopify and SquareSpace.


​A hard working, confident and highly motivated individual with the willingness to learn but is yet a very ambitious young man who also aims for perfection in whatever they do with knowledge of digital/graphics world. I remain enthusiastic with tasks I undertake leading me to effectively complete them. I take pride in having an adaptable skill set as I can mould well within a new environment that I have been placed in.


  Currently working for Busy Ps Deco in the design and marketing department; however, to express my passion for the digital landscape and everything Graphics Design/Marketing I took a chance in starting up this very digital service. Initially a great, team player, communicator and problem solver who is eager to gain experience as well as and expand skills within the digital marketing and graphics design field.



"And thats how you change the world."

Peter Charlse Matimba

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For a morden online presence. 

Using various website development platforms/CMS such as; WordPress, WiX, Parallels ® Builder, Shopify, Dreamweaver and SquareSpace...

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Logos & Branding

Giving your brand a voice, visually.

Logo design is just one small sub-set of branding, but the logo or brand mark remains the centerpiece of all branding schemes...

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The theme you have in mind is perfect!

We know how special the up coming event is to you, we will make all the flyers, prints, and snapfilters you need. 

Illustrations & Photomanipulation

Ideas and Concepts alive.

and here is where T-Visuals Digital really spreads it's wings. The one stop shop for all your digital creative and unique artwork needs, from Music art cover, social media banner/post and even your own private concepts.

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Tel: 074 129 422 18

United Kingdom, Slough


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